OEM Defence Services announces the signature with Eurocopter of a through-life support contract for worldwide NH90 helicopter fleet


Paris Air Show, 18 June 2013: OEM Defence Services has signed with Eurocopter a five-year maintenance contract covering more than 100 equipment items, including avionics, hydraulics and mechanical systems, installed on all versions of the NH90 helicopter in service worldwide.

The single contract covers through-life support services for the equipment and systems manufactured by five major players in the aerospace sector that are shareholders in OEM Defence Services: Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation, Safran, Thales and Zodiac.

Through this new agreement, which is based on a shared-services model with contractual commitments on performance levels and costs, OEM Defence Services is helping to drive the process of simplification of onboard equipment maintenance and improve the overall performance of through-life support for the NH90 fleet.

OEM Defence Services draws on the best-in-class industrial capabilities of its shareholders and partners to propose a collaborative, service-oriented model with innovative solutions that leverage synergies to adapt to the needs of customers.

With the conclusion of this contract, Eurocopter and OEM Defence Services deploy an optimised model of industrial cooperation that will improve the operational efficiency of NH90 customers and help to control their through-life support budgets.

Notes to editors:
The NH90 is the most modern tactical and utility helicopter for land and naval operations on the market. As of today, more than 500 firm orders of the NH90 helicopter have been received by the NHI consortium (Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Fokker) from 14 countries. The NH90 is available in two main versions, TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter), and NFH (Nato Frigate Helicopter). NH90 Industries (NHI) has delivered more than 145 NH90 helicopters to end users to date.

About OEM Defence Services:
OEM Defence Services provides through-life support services for a broad range of aeronautical equipment developed and manufactured by the following OEMs:
-Diehl Aerospace GmbH *
-Liebherr-Aerospace & Transporation SAS *: Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
-Safran Group: Sagem Défense Sécurité*, Messier-Bugatti Dowty, Technofan
-Zodiac Group: Zodiac Services Europe SAS*, Aerazur, Intertechnique, ECE, IN-LHC, AVOX Systems, IN-Services SA, Precilec
* Shareholders in OEM Defence Services

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